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Werks University

Werks University delivers in-demand residential domestic and commercial services professional courses. Our impressive and well rounded curriculum is a prerequisite to starting a successful business and gaining complete financial independence.

Lear professional organizing, folding primers, home management, executive housekeeping, housecleaning, personal assisting, celebrity assistant and more at Werks University.

Learn when and where you want. During lunch breaks at the office, evenings, weekends – anywhere, anytime. Werks University courses are available online and at our bricks and mortar campuses.

Completion of Werks University curriculum offers the prestigious Werks University credentials, plus coveted business and career opportunities into the dynamic, well compensated, recession proof field of professional residential and commercial services.

Werks University Campuses

– London
– Zurich
– Riyadh
– Dubai
– Hong Kong
– New York City
– Beverly Hills
– Denver
– Nevada
– Chicago
– Dallas and Houston
– Honolulu

Launch your career as a highly paid domestic or commercial services provider with Werks Staffing upon completion of our courses.

Apply to invest in and purchase a Werks Clean Franchise worldwide. Werks Worldwide delivers the tools, training, connections and technology to fast track your domestic or commercial services business and help you achieve your dreams.

For high quality education in domestic and commercial services careers plus top notch start up training, #GetWerks!

Werks University Courses

-Executive Home Manager
-Executive Housekeeper
-Personal Assistant
-Celebrity Assistant
-Professional Organizer
-Laundry Service
-Folding Techniques
-Meal Delivery
-Mother’s Helper
-Elder Caregiver
-Property Manager
-Personal Chefs
-Office Cleaner
-Commercial Cleaner

-Science of Clean
-Home Cleaning
-Office Cleaning
-Commercial Cleaning
-Carpet Cleaning
-Microbial Analysis
-Pathogen Detection
-Pathogen Remediation

-Client Care
-Service Pricing
-Quality Control
-Process Improvement

-Product Development
-White Labeling
-Cleaning Supplies
-Cleaning Equipment

-Software Training
-Mobile App Development
-Web Design and Development
-Promotional Videos

-E-Verify Course
-Background Checks

-Bidding On Commercial Cleaning Contracts
-Commercial Service Contracts
-Werks Clean Scalable Start Up Course
-Werks Franchise Course

-Doing Business Globally
-Corporate Vehicles
-Corporate Equipment
-Business Plans
-Attracting Investors
-Werks Investors Network

Werks Clean University Courses Begin October 1, 2016
Course Fees Start at $99.00 USD
Begin a rewarding career or new start up business in domestic service
Learn high quality domestic and commercial services curriculum from top instructors.
Work at your own pace online or attend at any one of our campuses.
Receive the prestigious Werks University Credentials.
Join The Werks Network of Domestic and Commercial Service Professionals worldwide.
Receive New Clients and Business Opportunities.
Letter In Domestic and Commercial Services.

Gain the top credentials in the business in domestic service. #GetWerks