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Office Cleaning

Effective office cleaning, professional organization and the highest levels of hygiene to insure top productivity, wellness and positive morale conducive to team building is the foundation of a growth-oriented firm. Principals, office and property managers can focus on running and growing their office and business and leave the tedious office cleaning work to us.

Werks Clean Commercial delivers

-Office Cleaning
-On-Demand Office Cleaning
-Office Cleaning Staffing
-Economical Rates
-Cost Benefit Analysis
-Screened and Background Checked Employees
-Executive Management with 30+ Years Fortune 500 and Career Military Officer Proven Leadership
-Certified and Professionally Trained Employees
-Polished Werks Clean Uniformed Staff
-Security Clearance or Security Clearance Eligible Staff
-Automated Office Cleaning Supplies Ordering and Restocking
-Customized Office Concierge
-Dedicated Account Manager
-Follow Up
-Process Improvement
-Client Satisfaction
-Service Guarantee
-Werks Clean Mobile App Plus On-Demand Options
-Automated Bots
-Proprietary Algorithms and APIs
-Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured

Werks Clean Commercial applies high touch and high tech solutions powered by artificial intelligence to our business processes which delivers the highest quality industry service standards, efficiency and cost effectiveness to clients.

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Chief Complaints When Hiring Office Cleaning Firm
Among the chief complaints of most office property owners or property managers when hiring a an office cleaning firm are :

-Missed tasks
-Lack of attention to detail
-Unreliable staff
-Service has not become cost effective

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