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Mold Detection & Remediation

You notice that your office has a disturbing dank, mildew smell or their is condensation forming on the walls, ceiling or flooring. Then, not surprisingly, you or your staff begin to experience the all too typical adverse side affects of mold exposure such as sinus headaches, rashes, mood disturbances and more. Some people that are highly sensitive to mold or environmental toxin exposure can begin to experience insomnia, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, throat irritation, coughing even paranoia, hallucinations or other mental illness, allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms.

Lost productivity and profits in commercial spaces and offices often goes undetected yet employees experience chronic illness, disease and missed time from work or disability. Doctor visit after doctor visit and still not one knows what the root cause of the health problems or missed days from work really are.

Don’t panic. Put an end to needless suffering. Werks Clean Commercial Mold Detection and Remediation Services provides full services to get to the root cause of your mold problem, efficiently and effectively.

Werks Clean Commercial Mold Detection and Remediation Is Certified As A Mold Inspector (CMI) and Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC) . We have the credentials, training, experience and insight to detect, rectify and remediate any mold problem at your commercial location or office. Don’t allow mold challenges to adversely impact your firm’s productivity or profits. Protect your health and the health of your employees. Leave the mold detection and remediation work to us. Get Werks.

The Werks Clean Commercial Mold Detection and Remediation Service Difference

High Touch Concierge
High Tech Machine Learning Processes
Maximum Return On Mold Detection and Remediation Investment (ROI)
Senior Executive Level Management and Logistics Pros
Career U.S. Military Officer Managed With Top Secret Clearance
Screened, Well Trained, Professional and Polished Mold Remediation Crew
Country Club Green Werks Clean Commercial Uniform and Badges
Customized Plans To Meet Your Office Needs
Mold Detection, Monitoring and Cleaning Supplies Available For Purchase
Mobile App
Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Service Guarantee
Continual Training and Process Improvement Powered by Technology

Additional Toxins Detection Services Offered

Mold Detection and Remediation
Radon Measurement
Formaldehyde Testing
Toxin Chemical Testing
Water Damage Remediation

Werks Clean Commercial Mold Detection and Remediation Service Available In The Following Locations

Denver Metro Colorado
Los Angeles Metro California
Orange County Metro California
San Diego Metro California
Washington D.C.

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Spend more time focusing on being productive and profitable in a healthier commercial space or office, free of mold or other environmental toxins and leave the work to us. Get Werks! Call us direct at 844-88-WERKS (844-889-3757)