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Fluff and Fold Service

Werks Laundry delivers freedom and convenience with our signature Fluff and Fold and comprehensive Laundry services. One-click or call on-demand laundry services.
We pick up and delivery your laundry for you!

Werks Laundry offers

– Fluff and Fold
– Dry Cleaning
– Commercial Laundry Services
– Quality, Speed, Convenience
– Werks Laundry Bags
– Handwashing
– Special Handling
– Ironing and Starching
– Specialty Folding

Balancing work, life, family and relationship is challenging enough without having to deal with laundry. 87% of clients who use housecleaning services state laundry is among their top chores to delegate to domestic staff. And it’s no wonder why. Laundry is time consuming and labor intensive. There are numerous things one could be doing to optimize their health and wellbeing or spend quality time with loved ones than doing laundry chores. Gain freedom. Delegate your laundry chores to us. #GetWerks

Werks Laundry Signature Touches

Wouldn’t it be great if you could depend on a service to pick up all of your dirty laundry and deliver your clean laundry neatly folded, even ironed and dry cleaned? How would you like to have your linens laundered, ironed and/or starched? And your intimate unmentionable lingerie hand laundered with care then delivered wrapped in parchment with the Werks Laundry seal! Our signature touches are just a few ways that Werks Laundry goes the extra mile to give you the gift of quality time, making your life easier and stress free.

Werks Laundry charges by the load, garment or type of laundry item and finishing tasks such as double wash, infestation remediation, ironing, folding technique, dry cleaning etc. We’d be happy to provide you with more information on our signature Fluff and Fold Laundry Services.

Werks Laundry Services and Pricing

Residential Laundry Services

Pick Up
Werks Laundry Bag
Wash, Fluff and Fold
Wash and Hang
Low Heat Drying
Dry Cleaning
Residential Rugs
Residential Towels
Matress Pads
Double Wash

Commercial Laundry Services

-Universities or Schools
-Resort Properties
-Hotels or Motels
-Vacation Rentals
-Medical Offices
-Massage Therapists
-Hair Salons and Spas
-Daycare Centers
-Assisted Living Facilities
-Athletic Gyms
-Uniforms: Employees, Medical Staff, Schools, Sports teams, etc.

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Spend more time doing more of the things that you love and leave the laundry work to us. #GetWerks!