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Custom Cleaning

At Werks Clean, we believe standard cleaning does not fit all. Our business is designed around our clients and their needs not the other way around. Flexibility in the services we provide empowers our clients to receive the services that they need.

Many housecleaners and cleaning services rarely cater to the clients exact preferences which creates not only an imbalanced relationship but a non-sustainable relationship. At Werks Clean, we partner with our clients in their service goals and cater to discerning clients who prefer customized services packaged to fit their needs.

Werks Clean delivers custom cleaning for your home, office or commercial workspace.
Review our current cleaning checklists for more information on the cleaning services and tasks that we provide.

Whether its move-in or move-out cleaning, residential cleaning, home staging cleaning, corporate property cleaning, detailed military housing cleaning, holiday cleaning, newlywed cleaning, new mom or pregnancy prep cleaning, bachelor pad cleaning, co-op cleaning, vacation home cleaning, time share property cleaning, AirBnB cleaning, cleaning for seniors or the disabled, or spring cleaning – all types of cleaning, we’ve got a checklist for that!

Custom Cleaning Checklist
Receive a custom checklist to add and schedule only the tasks you need. Contact us directly for a complimentary and confidential quote to discuss your needs. You may also complete our online estimate or service booking form. Need customized cleaning to suit your lifestyle? #GetWerks!