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The Werks Concierge offers clients high touch service and solutions including :

-VIP Services
-Home Services
-Gifts and Flowers
-Wellness Services
-Daily Life Services
-Travel and Leisure Services
-Business Administrative Services
-Convenience Services
-Errands Execution
-Custom Branded Concierge Desk
-Info Central For Corporate Communication
-Corporate Initiatives Support
-Employee Engagement
-On-Site Events Development Services
-Enhanced Visitor Services
-VIP Experiences
-On-Site Events Hosting
-Guest Services

… Whatever you can dream of, we can make it happen! Get Werks!

Werks Concierge opens the doors to the world’s most sought after venues and vendors to service our clients needs. It doesn’t get any better than our gifting suites or swag with products, services and special offers from our preferred vendors worldwide.

Werks Concierge memberships start at $149 for individuals or $349 for businesses. Learn more by contacting us directly at 844-88-WERKS (844-889-3757).

Focus on your career, relationships, family and business and leave the concierge work to us! Werks Concierge enhances your life. For world class concierge service and solutions with high touch VIP handling, #GetWerks!