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ETA For Werks Clean Teams? GPS Fleet Tracking

Werks Clean Fleet GPS Tracking In Real Time

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., September 13, 2016 /PR-Web – Werks Clean, Inc PR /

Werks Clean, Inc announced GPS tracking for all corporate owned vehicles and employees to provide clients with real time tracking of employees estimated time of arrival.

Technological solutions help us to provide a superior level of service to our esteemed clientele. No more guessing games or calls to ask, “Where is the cleaning team?” Get werks for real time GPS tracking that delivers answers.

With a new fleet of corporate vehicles branded with the prestigious Werks Clean logo and current special offers or coupons it only made sense to deliver GPS tracking. It improves efficiency and safety for our employees.

We can determine in an instant where a particular team is and reroute them if necessary. Overall, clients will receive faster service, timely service and the ability to track the exact location of our teams.

Werks Clean aims to improve processes with more high tech solutions powered by artificial intelligence including algorithms and api’s to lighten the workload of clients so that they can leave all of the work to us.


I love knowing where my housekeeper is and no longer wondering. Werks Clean NEW! GPS feature provides the real time intel I need to stay in the loop, saving time and eliminating frustration or chaos. #GetWerks 

-Alexandria T., Beverly Hills, CA 


Time is one of our greatest commodities. We strive to use this precious resource wisely to empower our clients and optimize their lives. No one at this level needs to be waiting and wondering about where in the world their domestic staff or commercial staff is when time is of the essence. Save time and money. Need to know exactly where your domestic or commercial staff is and when they will arrive? For real time intel plus a suite of GPS and high tech solutions powered by Ai, #GetWerks.