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Infectious Pathogen Virus, Parasites, Bacteria and Mold Detection Plus Prevention In Your Home


Recent outbreaks of infectious pathogens create new health challenges and have made mainstream media news alerting homeowners, renters and travelers to the very real threat of contamination by infectious pathogen viruses, parasites, bacteria or mold that can cause illness, disease, loss of income, missed days from work or school, even mentally ill symptoms such as psychosis and worse, death.

Infectious pathogen outbreaks should be a wake up call that forces us all to examine our standards of hygiene at home, the office, in transport, in the food we consume, purchase or prepare and on our person.

Werks Colorado aims to provide professional, certified house cleaning and infectious pathogen detection to counter and prevent the spread of infectious pathogens in your home, keeping you and your loved ones healthier. Don’t risk the health of your loved ones nor yourself with low quality cleaning standards by non-certified housecleaners.